Your Integrated Solutions are Available Here

Your Integrated Solutions are Available Here


Axle Systems offers widest range of services for you. This company was established in 2012. Axle Systems is very well-known and reputed for high quality integrated systems which are very useful in any corporate sector or other uses. This organization consists of high skilled, experienced staffs or workers, who are able to solve your all problems and also able to understand your requirement. The main mission of this company is to serve the highest quality products and services with the latest technology available in this market.

Axle Systems offers several varieties of integrated solutions for you. Under various categories, this company offers Security systems, Queue management systems, People counting systems, Parking Barrier and Bollards, Audio and Visual systems, Access control systems and many more. Such kinds of integrated systems are very useful in corporate or business sectors to get the control over the premises. Axle Systems offers varieties of CCTV systems to increase security. High quality systems are available here. This company always try to maintain their products or systems with the latest technology available in market. Not only just product, Axle Systems also offers free site survey, CCTV installation, maintenance and much more. This company also provide you the require control room designs, intelligent video monitoring software, annual maintenance contract for the existing systems and many more. Apart from this and also under the security modules, this company offers HD Analog Camera, IP CCTV Camera, Video Management Software, ANPR Camera, Time Lapse Construction Camera and many more. Queue management systems are also very popular. To get control over the area Axle Systems provides such systems. By such types of systems you can easily reduce the long queue waiting times. BLOOM is an advanced customer flow management system which is able to make the problem easier. By this, professionals are able to collect the data according to their needs, collection of data about the service performance, it helps to improve the resource deployment. If it is require to count the number of visitors or customers of a particular working sector then Axle System’s People counting system is the best option for it. It is nothing but an electronic device which is responsible to count the people or visitors who are entering into a particular passage or entrance. This allows retailers to increase the store performance by keeping track of the number of visitors. The people counting systems allows retailers to keep the data about the visitors in an efficient way. Axle Systems also offers Parking barrier and bollards which provides high quality gate barriers and custom equipment which are able to full-fill the customer’s needs.

Axle System’s Audio Visual Systems are used for public addressing purpose. It is an electronics systems which comprised of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and other related equipment.

Axle Systems also offers various access control systems. This kinds of systems allows us to get real time notifications on exceptions.

All details about all products and services are clearly mentioned on the official website of this company.

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