Where Not to Wear your Jewellery

Where Not to Wear your Jewellery


There are some places and situations it is best to briefly part with those gorgeous jewels of yours. For such an elegant piece of jewellery it deserves the very best! To prevent wear and tear and any unnecessary damage to your jewellery its not always appropriate to wear them.

1. Playing sport/ physical activity

There’s a time and a place for elegant jewellery and playing sport is not one of them! Stones are at risk of getting chipped and cracked with vigorous physical activity especially lifting weights, not to mention they can easily get snagged and ripped from your body causing damage to the piece and you! You also increase your risk of loosing it! To avoid the tragedy it’s safest to remove all jewellery and put them in a small box or zip lock bag and leave them safely in a locker in your bag.

2. In bed

I know it seems very unlikely anything could happen to your jewellery in your sleep, even if you swear you’re not a night fighter! Sleeping with your jewellery on can cause it to wear from the friction against your bed sheets and eventually can get snagged on threads from your bedding or bedclothes. This can eventually cause the prongs to loosen especially with rings and can make the diamond or gemstone come out of place, this can be similar to necklaces and bracelets can get caught too and cause wear to the piece. Necklaces can also be dangerous if they get caught on something in your sleep causing it to tangle and tighten around your neck. We recommend leaving them in your jewellery dish on your bedside table while you sleep, this way they’re not too far!

3. In water

When washing up, showering and swimming is best to avoid wearing jewellery. They wont get rusty however there are other risky factors that could cause harm to your jewellery. For example when washing up you could catch them on sponges, and knock them against your kitchen utensils. In addition some detergents and soaps can cloud up your stones over time as well as chlorine in swimming pools. There’s also the threat of it falling of in these situations when water and soap is involved, you could even lose it down the drain or in the ocean where your chances of ever finding it again are like finding a needle in a haystack!

4. Makeup

Makeup and jewellery are essentials to getting glammed up! However they’re not a good mix! The products you use will build up on your jewellery and tarnish your stones, the same goes for hair products and body moisturisers. Just be careful not to get any products in contact with your jewellery if you want to keep them in their best quality possible. We advise accessories after pampering!

5. Cooking

Cooking!? Yes, cooking can cause long lasting damage to your jewellery. The cooking oils and fats can gradually stain your metals, and food particles can get stuck in the gaps in your rings and who wants crummy rings? More worryingly in the kitchen there are many places to lose your jewellery and troublesome places it could be dropped such as the bin, down the sink or in your food! So while you’re cooking keep your beloved trinkets safely in that trinket box.


Seeing as it might not be the best idea to wear your jewellery ALL the time, when you’re not wearing them the most important thing is that they’re safe! It is important that when you’re not wearing your jewellery likely consisting of precious metal and gemstones that you keep them locked away in a private safe. If you don’t have a safe available to you keep them hidden away somewhere secret and safe! Alternatively keep them on your person safe away in a bag, just be careful not to keep it out of your sight! To make sure they are kept undamaged we advise you to keep them individually in zip lock bags to save them getting tangled up or scratching. These measures will prevent your valuable jewellery to be at risk of being stolen or spoiled. If you’re only taking them off briefly then we advise keeping them nearby, in a trinket box, jewellery dish or in a zip lock bag in your handbag.

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