Wedding Gown Alteration Advice

Wedding Gown Alteration Advice


It is possible to find the wedding dress of your dreams only to find out that the dress is too small. You don’t have to worry about that as you still have the opportunity to alter the wedding gown.

Frankly speaking, it is very unusual for a bride not alter the wedding gown from the original design before the wedding, but how much can a bridal dress be realistically adjusted and at what cost? Most wedding gowns need some adjustments and bustles sewn at the back unless the gown does not have a train. So, you might likely add the cost of alteration when making the budget for your wedding dress.

You don’t have to use the alteration service from the bridal shop, especially if you know the specific alterations that best suits the gown. This can even save you extra cost compared to what the bridal shop might offer. A seamstress that is well experienced with wedding gown alterations will definitely do the alteration better at cut price than the service from the bridal shop.

Can every bridal dress be altered?

It should be noted that not all wedding dress can be altered to the exact size you want. It is easier to take something in than let it out. Apply this to wedding dresses, it may be easy in cutting down your mother’s wedding gown than making a smaller gown bigger which may not fit.

When buying a new gown, it is advisable not to buy a gown not more than one size larger than your own size. However, some wedding dresses are designed to fit several sizes. To get the best fit, ensure you stick to your correct size.

Could I do the alterations myself?

You can only do the alterations yourself if you are a professional and competent seamstress as this can save quite a bit of money. Some alterations are more difficult and should be reserved for someone who really knows what they are doing. But wedding gowns are designed to be altered and many are constructed in such a way as to make adjustments easier. Take a good look at the interior construction of your gown to determine how difficult it will be to make the necessary adjustments before you take it on.

Alterations Timeline

It is better to order your wedding dress at least 3 months before the wedding to have enough time to make the necessary adjustments. Ensure the last fittings are intact before the wedding in order avoid rushing the adjustments days before the wedding which may eventually ruin the wedding gown. Weddings can be stressful and you may find that you either lose a little weight or gain a little weight during your engagement.

Alterations Tips

You want to be as clean as ever when making alterations to your wedding gown to avoid stains. Ensure to try the wedding gown in the same underwear you propose to wear during the wedding to conclude whether more alterations need to be made.

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