Verify 360 Help Clients to Verify Identities and Thus Achieve Security

Verify 360 Help Clients to Verify Identities and Thus Achieve Security


According to Verify 360, there is a lot of complexities in the world of business, and therefore it is essential for corporations to feel secure. It is also an important step for business to effectively manage risk everyday by verifying the identities and information about different individuals.

Verify 360 is set up in order to help company deal with this need. Being one of the fastest growing background verification company in the world, Verify 360 is well known for their background screening and risk mitigation effort. It is also a consultant firm that provides services to areas in London, Dubai, India, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

While providing the services to customers, Verify 360 also comply with global and local regulations. Therefore, all clients of Verify 360 can benefit from the solutions provided by them in running the business.

The services provided by Verify 360 is of a wide range of categories. One of them is education verification. This is important to make sure the q qualifications claimed by a candidate is true. This is also important to highlight to competencies of a candidate. According to Verify 360, education qualifications are the pre-requisite to obtain a lot of positions, especially those in the management level.

For example, Verify 360 stated that there may be candidates who only attended the universities they referred to, but did not gradated from it. Nevertheless, they put it on their resume. This may create huge troubles and insecurity to the employers. Another cases it for the candidates to alter the dates of their courses attended in order to make the look like they suit the job positions. Lastly, the university claimed on their personal resume may not be an accredited institution.

In light of these, Verify offers screening solutions to employers hoping to reduce credential frauds and to avoid breaches of trust. They will be able to figure out the aforementioned problems through extensive database, and thus provide the company with a sense of security.

Another type of verification that Verify 360 can provide is employment verification. According to Verify 360, there has been a rise in employee theft—one out of 39.5 employees is engaged in it. This hugely increased the business risks faced by different companies. Therefore, Verify 360 will provide timely, cost effective as well as accurate background check for the employees of the company.

This type of screening is categorized into pre-employment and post-employment screening. The former one mainly deals with background checks of the candidates like their previous employment record and any previous criminal convictions. The latter type focus on the movement of the employees since he already has access to different confidential information about the contacts information and the secrets of the company. Verify 360 will help to companies to eliminate those threats.

Verify 360 hoped to provide more and more services which is of high quality for more clients. Interested parties may get more information about them on their website at