Tips to Pick a Quality Wedding Planner

Tips to Pick a Quality Wedding Planner


There is no doubt that you will need to make tons of decisions when you are planning for your wedding. In fact, wedding planning is never an easy job. As a result, you may think of hiring a wedding planner to help you in the decision making process. A planner can even help you to save money. However, a badly chosen wedding planner may ruin your wedding. Consequently you should choose your planner with extreme care.

Nowadays vendors like caterer, florist and decoration claim that they will provide wedding planning services. However, you have to bear in mind that they are not wedding planner. It will be better if your wedding planner is an independent party. A caterer may provide wedding planning services but will certainly “urge” you to go for its catering services. However, it may not really suit your wedding. In this case only an independent party can only give you objective advices on the subject. If the services provided by a vendor do not meet your requirements, the wedding planning should tell you the truth honestly.

Besides, your wedding planner should also be able to provide you a list of different vendors which suits your needs and ideas. As discussed above, your planner should be able to give you objective advices on the choice of these vendors. For example, if you are looking for an Asian wedding invitation, your planner will not introduce a printing company which specialized in traditional wedding invitations. Your planner will also try to keep informed by both the vendors and you such that he or she will be able to inspect the services provided by the vendors. If necessary, he or she will also help to negotiate any arguments between you and the vendors.

You should also ask if the wedding planner will get any referral commissions from the vendors. It is very essential that your planner does not have any relationship with the vendors, in terms of money. A truly professional wedding planning will never take any commissions from the vendors because, if so, they will try to push you to hire a particular vendor. You have to bear in mind that you hire a wedding planner because you would like to get professional and unbiased opinions on your wedding planning. The advices from a planner who takes commissions will somehow be twisted. As a result, you should never choose the planner if he or she accept referral commissions from vendors.

Your planner does not only help you to plan the wedding but also make sure that your wedding will run smoothly. This is very important since you may be already quite exhausted on your big day. He or she will keep on telling you what and when you need to do something. By doing this you can ensure that your wedding will be a smooth one. For details, visit