Tips for Cutting Wedding Cost

Tips for Cutting Wedding Cost


Having a memorable wedding does not mean you have to break a bank. There are different things you can do to have the wedding of your dreams, while still remaining within your budget. It is important that you remain realistic throughout the entire planning process.

Wedding Dress

Money can be saved considerably when purchasing your wedding dress straight from the rack. Generally, a custom wedding ordered is known to cost more than the ones that are hanging in the store in which you are willing to purchase. Search for online auctions of dresses that suits you. This dresses can as well be altered to meet your need.

Wedding Pictures

The importance of wedding pictures cannot be over emphasize. However, if your budget does not allow for a professional photographer, consider hiring a close friend or family member to take the pictures. Peradventure, you might have a friend or family member that graduated from a photography school, they will definitely be honored to devote a lot of time for the shoot at a giveaway price. With today’s technology, wedding pictures taken by a family member or friend can turn out like they were done professionally.

Wedding Favors

Money can also be saved by making your wedding favors yourself. There are a lot of websites in which this wedding favors can be ordered, but this websites sell at a very expensive price. Therefore, if you can devote some time to make your own favors, you would be saving yourself a considerable amount of money. You can browse through the internet to obtain ideas of favors that are not only easy to make, but will also be overwhelming to your guests.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your friends who have done so much in making the wedding to be a success would also need a complementary gift. By shopping on the web, you can find unique and elegant gift that comes at an affordable price. Since you are even buying such gift in bulk, you can easily demand for a discount on the gift.


Generally, saving money using a simple reception can be beneficial. Sit down dinners are generally more expensive than buffet style dinners. Therefore, if you are expecting a quite large number of guest for your wedding, it is advisable to go with a buffet dinner rather than sit down dinner. Money can also be saved from the reception by hiring a close family member or friend to be in charge of the catering aspect of the reception.

Time of Week/Day

If you are looking to save money you spend on your wedding, consider having the wedding during the week rather than weekends. Many places will offer a discount if you are willing to have the reception during the week. Many people would also not be in attendance this time because you are having the wedding on a working day.

Irrespective of the type of wedding you are looking for, planning ahead can create a realistic budget with you still having the wedding of your dreams. Make sure you are just flexible and creative to help you save money. An ideal wedding can be done on realistic budget.

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