The Train on your Gown

The Train on your Gown


Woman that love traditional wedding gowns will tell you that the most important part of the gown is the train. For all you guys out there, the train is the piece of cloth attached to the back of the dress that her bride’s maid carries down the aisle. This part of the gown that other gown and formal dress don’t have. Some women like it long and some women like it short. There are four different lengths, the sweep, the chapel, the cathedral and the royal.

The sweep is the shortest length of train available. The extends approximately one foot form the base of the gown from the back of the gown. It doesn’t look like a train much, but it is. It is a very elegant look design to give the gown a slimming look. This is the perfect design for a slender bride looking to achieve a sleek and elegant look.

The Chapel design is next. This design has a train that extends approximately a meter and a half from the base of the gown from the back of the dress. The is the first design boasting a complete train. You might need some assistance with laying the train out but throughout your ceremony you won’t have to worry about needing someone to carry it around for you.

The Cathedral designs. With this design the train extends approximately two meters from the base of the gown at the back of the dress. You will need assistance to lay out the train and to position it when taking pictures, but you will require none when walking.

Finally, the royal. This design boasts the longest train of all the designs. The train stretches approximately two and a half meters behind the dress attached at the base of the gown. The length of the train in royal wedding gowns can and will be longer depending on the preference of the brides.

A long train makes a gown look elegant, but you must remember all that fabric is going to cost you. The longer the train get the more expensive the gown will be. The is true for gown that are rented and for those that are made. Traditional wedding gowns are beautiful but so are nontraditional ones. Most brides that love traditional gowns prefer a dress with a long train. The longer the better. The problem with these designs is the longer the train get, the more difficult it becomes to walk in the dress. If your bridal party has no problem spending your entire wedding carrying your gown train around for you hat go right ahead and get the longest train that you can find. You need to remember though that the more fabric it takes to create you wedding gown the more expensive it be to rent or purchase. Your wedding day is the most important day to you and you deserve to enjoy every minute. This is your day and you are entitled to have anything you want.

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