The Most Important Day

The Most Important Day


The two most important days of a woman’s life is the day was born and the day she gets married. Everything needs to be perfect that day. The church, the groom, the ring and of course her wedding gown. No woman wants to look ok on their wedding day. Every woman wants to look out of this world on their wedding day. Have you every wonder why the bridal party is never as gorgeous as the bride. It is planned that way. The bride should have no competition on that day. In truth the groom can look ok on his wedding day. Once he looks ok he is good. A wedding is meant only for the women and the bride.

Every bride wants the most glamorous wedding gown. No bride wants to get married in an average looking dress. Not every woman is into the traditional looking dresses, but all brides want to look stunning on their wedding day, especially if the have a big wedding. Not every dress maker is able to create a stunning wedding gown. If you are not careful about the person you get to design and create you wedding dress. It might result is a tragic wedding day.

When it is your time to get married you should spare quality time to research all the designers you like and all those you don’t like. Make sure you find the one you think is best to design and create your gown. Not because a designer created a gown you love doesn’t mean she will be able to do the same for you. Women are built differently, and clothes will fit them different. What most people don’t now is that only a few designers are able to design for anyone. Most designers are only capable of designing certain people. It is up to you to know what will look good on you and not just ask for a design because it looks good on a mannequin.

Have you ever seen a bride in her dress, she is beautiful, the dress is beautiful but she in the dress looks wrong? This is what happens when you demand a dress that looks good on a mannequin but not her body type. This sometime create problems for the designer and it is unfair to say they ruined your dress because you chose a design not meant for you. It is your day and you want everything to be awesome but most of that responsibility lies with you. You must work hard to make your day what you want t to be. Sometimes that requires you getting rid of the diva attitude and see reason. It is very unlikely that a total stranger would do everything in their power to ruin your wedding day. If your get gets ruin it might be your fault. Every bride deserves to have the best wedding day. She is entitled to the perfect groom, the perfect atmosphere, the perfect to complement the perfect wedding gown.

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