The Challenges of the Paper Industry

The Challenges of the Paper Industry


Paper is just our friend and it is also our daily necessity. Just imagine what life would be if there is no paper, Maybe the first thing that you will think of is where the examination paper is going to be printed on. Indeed, from writing on to printing on, the usage of paper is very wide, and the demand for it is very high too. However the industry of paper is not without any challenges.

First of all, people are generally not interested in the industry since they only regard paper as a basic form of daily necessity. With this in their mind, they will not paymuch attention to the latest development of products or the technologies in the industry. The actions and efforts paid by companies in this industry will hardly be seen let alone appreciated. Therefore, if you are a company in this industry your first goal must be to gain more exposure.

Another implication of treating paper as a mere daily necessity means that people do not see the point to pay a lot of money for a high quality paper. In order words, the priority of people on buying paper is that it should be cheap. Therefore, if the business value of your company is to provide higher quality of paper and your target group is the buyers of some high class paper, then this strategy may not work. After all, higher quality always comes with higher costs, and it will be very difficult for you to persuade people to pay more for a piece of paper with higher quality.

Yet, probably the most obvious challenge is the diminishing significance of the use of paper. 50 years before, perhaps paper is still the dominating item to be written or to be printed on. After all, we do not count writing things on the wall or on the table as a valid alternative. Yet, with the development of computers, a lot of documents started to go soft copied. Yes, we now will first start with typing a document online, and then print it out when needed. If we do not need a hardcopy at all, we will just leave it on the computer.

The demand of the paper is therefore decreased due to the emergence of an alternative, and this leads to a threat to the industry. Another point is the environmental impact one. After all, people considers the idea of paper itself a non-eco-friendly one, and there are a lot of campaigns calling for people to save papers and thus, save the trees of of the world. Many even accused the over-usage of paper as a prominent causes of the global warming problem.

We can therefore see that the paper industry needs to solve a lot of problem and overcome all these challenges. However, I believe that challenges will only bring a stronger industry with more technologies and new products relating to paper that is of a much higher quality.

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