The Bridal Gown and Shape of Things to Come

The Bridal Gown and Shape of Things to Come


Weddings to so many young girls are fairy tale dreams. They picture themselves in a flamboyant bridal gown. The details are heavenly, but they are visions of loveliness in perfect silhouettes as they dream of the days to come.

The Perfect Shape for the Perfect Wedding

When it comes to the wedding gown, brides will definitely not settle for less. Depending on the wedding’s budget, the bridal gown may be considered to fourth largest expense following the reception, wedding cake, and the honeymoon. Aside from this, brides begin working on the perfect gown for their wedding in order to flatter their figures.

The gown should influence or probably reflect the wedding theme, but whatever the wedding theme is, it is advisable to carry out your research on the perfect fitting wedding gowns to suit your figure and the type of the wedding. So many dress shapes are available to flatter your figure and hide any flaw. Some of the silhouettes are;

1. The sheath is form-fitting and should bring out every curve of your figure.

2. The princess cut is a top level cut preferred to show off a slim body and falls in soft fold in a full skirt.

3. The empire cut is form-fitting at the top and falls under the bust. This is an ideal cut for the bride who is expecting the stork early.

4. The low-waist gown is ideal for the fairy tale gown with long sleeve fittings.

Having decided the shape of the bridal gown, the length of the dress will be definitely easy to decide, this include;

1. Cathedral length with a train for traditional weddings

2. Floor length to be covered with beads for formal feel

3. Tea length of outdoor weddings

The sleeves should also be considered carefully – strapless, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeves, or cap sleeves. Irrespective of the sleeve chosen, the cut and embellishments contribute to the formal or informal appeal of the wedding gown.

Body Types and Dress Silhouettes

Before you decide on a wedding gown, ensure you know your body type when getting the gown or you have a customized one. The female figure is made of the following;

1. Hour glass figure is perfect with gowns that expose the waist. The ball gown present the figure in the best light.

2. The full waist provide an attractive neckline which draws attention away from the waistline.

3. The pear shape is an A-line cut with a disguise wide hips.

Ball gowns, A-line, and empire cuts are perfect for tall women while the average ladies should choose light fabrics and simple cuts without going any further in order not to overwhelm their stature.

Accessories and Hairstyles

It is commonly known in women that when you are on a simple dress, complement it with luxury accessories. The hairstyle should also complete the perfect picture.

For your hairstyle and make-up, it is advisable to consult a professional before the wedding. Let it be known that you need to look natural as much as you can with or without artificial lights especially when it comes to taking photos. Indeed, your bridal gown dictates the shape of things to come.

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