The Beginning and the Development of the Kite Surfing

The Beginning and the Development of the Kite Surfing


kite surfing is actually a sport that combines all the six sports on the surface of the water such as the skateboarding, gymnastics, snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding. Kite surfing is about riding the waves rather than hitting the big air. Let me just give you a brief history of how this kite surfing started.

There was already a trace of variations of kite surfing way back in the 20th century like how Samuel Cody had on the “man-lifting kite” that had crossed in a lightweight boat powered by a wind-harnessing kite. In 1977, Panhuise, a Netherlander had successfully secured the patent for the water sport that maneuvers by parachute. In fast forwarded years, we had found Ian Day’s kite powered the Catamaran in 1978. Next, to that year where the coming of the two brothers Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux established new and specific kite for kite surfing purpose.

And since then on, it becomes the basis of how other companies design their own product of kite like Peter Lynn of New Zealand who designed the land-based kite. An American named Bill Roeseler and Cory also spend working for their KiteSkie idea that uses the delta kite or the bird shape triangle kite with the help of the controller on the bar. The invention of the two proves to have the great capacity to fly upwind in the breeze. There was other development in the kite surfing as for the record like Laird Hamilton and Raphael Baruch that had first called it the fly surfing in nineteen 1990’s. There was also the kite design Wipida that had a commercial with the Legaignoux brothers. The kite’s design uses an inflatable tube to provide an effective bridge to the wings. The Wipida designs also had the controller in which one can slow the speed of the kite. After that, in 1998 on the month of September, the very first competition which can be considered the official one was held on Maui. There were already schools that teach this type of sports and shops that made kites for kite surfing. At first, there was the kite surfing had only one direction board but at the beginning of the 20th century we already had seen twin tip and dual direction boards and the kites ability in flat waters are becoming easy where one can create its own style of riding in the surface of the water.

Despite the development of the kite surfing, it was never yet included as one of the Olympic sports but kite boarding had already been confirmed as an official event for the 2018 Youth Olympic. Though the sports kite surfing is still far from its full fruition stage, there are already many kite surfers enthusiast that are enjoying the sports and constantly making it their top one sport. Currently, most of the kite surfing spots are present in wide bodies of water such can be found in Vietnam, now also had in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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