Tekno is a Leading International Industrial Trade Fair…..

Tekno is a Leading International Industrial Trade Fair…..


Tekno Is A Leading International Industrial Trade Fair For Manufacturing, Technology And Solutions

Tekno is the only international industrial trade fair in the Middle East which is scheduled from 17-19th December 2017 at Hall 3, Dubai World Trade Center.

As a leading international trade fair, I think it will not be surprising if I tell you that companies from across the globe as well as trade visitors specific to the metal, steel, wires and cables, tubes, pipes and rods and welding and cutting industry will be joining the fair. However, have you ever wondered why is it happening?

The answer is, TEKNO is the region’s only international industrial trade show featuring the applicable sectors which are coherent to all coveted industries.

The trade fair shall provide great and equal opportunities to the participating companies as well as the trade visitors.

TEKNO shall bring together a wide array of innovation, cutting edge technologies, smart machinery and material technologies.

The trade show will provide a platform for experts to share best practices, know-how, integrated methods and also offer an opportunity to gauge competition.

With the government stepping up development and several new projects recently being announced in infrastructure, pipelines, airports, real estate and the industrial sector, the related industry is poised for a very strong growth.

Government initiatives and investments in the non-oil sectors to diversify the economy has been encouraging, and the Middle East and UAE is definitely been seen as one of the most dynamic markets for growth of industrial sectors in the global view.

It is a unique opportunity to find answers to all your industrial solutions under one roof, hence, it is a golden opportunity for trade visitors to be aware of the newest technology as well as services and products of the industry. It will also give the trade visitor a chance for negotiations and signing of new partnerships.

On the other hand, joining the trade fair as an exhibitor will be largely advantageous from the point of view of brand building. Consider that you are having a new product/technology that you want to launch into the given market, this is the right place because it is cost effective and it is a means of reaching the target audience. Exhibiting will provide the company an opportunity to make visible their products to the target region.

It is the best platform to interact with industry who’s-who, and get an immediate feedback from the prospective customer

The cost of achieving the set goals for marketing your product and technology is very economical. So, all in all, joining the exhibition and the trade fair is a very efficient way to achieve high profile marketing and promotion for the company.

For more information please visit www.tekno-me.com