Solve Security System Problems Through Services By ASTS

Solve Security System Problems Through Services By ASTS


Al Sana Technical Solutions (ASTS) is the leading system integrator in the UAW and they are focusing on providing security systems as well as life safety solutions to their customers across the regions. The company is formed due to the growing demand of the services of ICT and life safety, security and surveillance and other related ones in the region.

Since its establishment, the company has enjoyed steady and stable growth and it has currently more than 500 clients constantly enjoying their services. According to Al San Technical Solutions, their services are able to help them increase the productivity of their businesses.

One of the services provided by ASTS is CCTY camera, which has been used as a major scrutinizing security source in a lot of cases across the whole world. The company stresses that the CCTY camera should be placed well in order to get a proliferate as well as copious outcome. In light of this, the regulations become mandatory for the safety as well as security of the assets and people and this requires that all commercial and residential building should be equipped with CCTY camera. Therefore, the CCTY is an essential component for safety requirements in a lot of buildings.

Because of this, the installation of CCTV cameras could only be done by experienced ones since the type of camera comes with different qualities and features according to their brand and price, and the entire CCTV system should also be maintained carefully and well for the longevity and low future replacement costs. The CCTY installation companies there should therefore have a license from related authorities, showing that the government is actually concerned with it.

Another area of services that the company can help with is structured cabling. The company claims themselves to be one of the best structured cabling companies in the region and they are able to provide high quality services relating to that. As a result, the structured cabling system provided by the company will be able to provide the clients with the good performance without getting being repaired too often, meaning that the cables will be very easy to maintain.

Further more, the company believes that voice and data, which is transmitted through the structured cables by them, are two of the most important factors in any business due to the fact that they are responsible for the communication of the organization. In light of this, the company’s aim is to provide the cable with the best possible quality and they are confident in that due to the experience of them.

The company is also engaged in providing other services, including but not limited to AMC Contract for CCTV, cable pulling, termination as well as installation of ELV systems and testing and commissioning of the ELV systems. If you are interested in these services provided by the company, or if you want to know more about the business philosophies and development of the company, you can obtain more information on their