Simple & Fast Ways to Declutter Your House

Simple & Fast Ways to Declutter Your House


The state of your home has a direct association to your mental state and character. When everything is a mess around you, you will obviously become less productive. It is really important to keep your home clutter free so you can be productive in your daily life. Each and every family member should take the responsibility of creating a clutter free home and act accordingly in order to achieve it.


Once you decide to declutter your house, visualize your end goal. Figure out what needs to change and how you can do it. If you need to buy more supplies or storage units, make a list and plan.

Schedule decluttering

If you or your family members have the habit of messing up everything, then decluttering should be a regular activity. You can spend some time to declutter your house every day or once in three days, so that your home will be always clean. Just spending 5 to 10 minutes as a family cleaning up can keep your home clutter free throughout the year.

Declutter Your House

Engage the whole family in decluttering

The responsibility should be shared by each and every family member, even your kids. This will make everybody aware that they will have to clean the house if they mess it up. This will make them more organized. Make cleaning a fun and engaging activity.

Choose the area that is most cluttered

If you could declutter the main areas that are cluttered, your house will look much more clean and tidy. So, choose those areas that irritate you most. You might find it difficult to get your favorite dress out of the wardrobe or stacks of paper on the floor of bedroom might be blocking you while walking. Start from there and move onto the less used areas after you have cleaned the main rooms.

Decide what to declutter

You should decide what to declutter in your home. The simple rule is, valuable items should be kept, and trash needs to be thrown out. The value could be its usability, beauty or our love for it.

Many times, we tend to keep the first school bag of our kids, even though it is not usable anymore. It is just because of the love we have for it. So, you are the only person who would be able to decide the worth of objects in your home.

Don’t keep items that might be useful for you someday. If you find items that have not been used and also not likely to be used for 6 months, you can better think of disposing of them.Have a garage sale to rid your home of items that are just taking up space without adding value. Get your children to go through their toys and books as well and remove all those things they do not use anymore.

Keep the objects in apt locations

There should be a place for every item. For example, if you keep your kitchen knife in the family room, then it is not only not useful, but also dangerous. If you place your house key on a hook near the front door, then you can just take it to lock the house when you go out. Likewise, you should keep items where they make the most sense, and always return them to their proper place after each use.

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