Showcase your One-of-a-Kind Love with a Unique Ring (Dubai Rocks Most Unique)

Showcase your One-of-a-Kind Love with a Unique Ring (Dubai Rocks Most Unique)


Your one-of-a-kind love deserves to be celebrated, and why not with one of our beautifully designed rings? So beautifully unique, just like the love you and your other half share. Can’t think of a more perfect way to encapsulate your love than in a beautifully crafted ring designed just for you.

Fergus James most unique creations:

The wave

This unique design happens to be admired by our customers. Despite its emerging popularity there are many variations of the wave and it is still very much under the radar as an engagement ring design. The wave design is beautiful and a lovely way to present a round diamond, with the tension setting there is ample opportunity for variations, the band, the band detail and the main circular diamond can vary in size and colour, the choice is all yours. As you craft the ring to suit your desires.

The Russian hands

This design was handcrafted for one of our Russian customers and could be the most unusual design we have produced yet! The ring displays two hands holding an emerald cut diamond and its truly a one of a kind. Why not get creative with your band to add that extra detail and flair to your diamond. You can change up the band material and diamond to create your own version of the hand held diamond.

The antique beauty

An ageless design, so elegant and ever so unusual. This antique design is quite a beauty. A charming antique detailed band to go with the brilliant round diamond sat in a hexagonal frame. This one is simple but somehow creates a unique design through its unusual cut and frame. The contrast between the gold and the diamond is visually striking.

The butterfly effect

Add some detail to your rings band. If you are artsy and love intricate detail then this style will be ideal for you. This design features a ribbon like band met by a butterfly either side of the halo diamond. Whether it’s butterflies or love hearts, really any pattern you like can be created just for you. You can add that personal touch with your own design. A great example of how we can make your dreams design become reality.

The twist

Another one of our most rare designs. Why have one dazzling band when you can have 3! An alternative engagement ring design, beautifully created with diamond laced bands attached to the diamond at different angles creating a twist effect. If you aren’t a fan of simplicity or symmetry this style is perfect. This design also provides a larger and more prominent ring and if you want a statement ring then this design might be up your street, as it covers more of the finger than usual. Another feature that makes the ring truly unique and stand out is its pale pink sapphire. Colourful diamonds and gemstones are so beautiful and give that extra wow to a design. To get even more personal why not add your birthstone.

The flower

This beautiful floral ring was designed by one of our Australian customers, and look what a beautiful job she did. The ring is another extremely unique design produced to match the customers desires. Stunning detail around her diamond creates the flower shape outline which forms a different take on the traditional halo design. Not to mention the beautiful detail in the band perfectly complimenting the main feature diamonds. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your own designs, your love is one-of-a-kind and we will work to make a ring to match that.

If you want a custom designed, one of a kind engagement ring to represent your unique love, Fergus James would be happy to work with you and craft the ring of your dreams. Whether it’s a replication of exactly what you want or your imagination. Get in touch, it is our absolute pleasure.

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