Pushback Rack Features and Benefits

Pushback Rack Features and Benefits


3D Storage Systems was the first to build up the position of safety push back racking framework. In the first place protected in 1992, our strong outline has a few one of a kind highlights that enhance stockpiling execution and improve security. Our utilization of basic steel guarantees long life in extreme distribution center conditions.

Pushback Racking Storage SystemPushback Racking Storage System


Low Profile Pushback Rack Lane

Low Profile Design

Our position of safety pushback paths have a lower profile than most truck compose racking frameworks. This takes into account additional lift leeway, future adaptability for stack stature changes and may even take into consideration an additional capacity level.

Connected Carts

Notwithstanding the position of safety push back outline, our pushback trucks are connected when expanded, dispensing with the likelihood of single bed hang ups in the back of the path. Without this element a bed would be able to end up briefly stopped at the back of a path, discharge, and go in an uncontrolled way to the heap end, perhaps spilling the heap into the walkway. The resultant potential for harm to item, and all the more imperatively individual damage, is self-evident. No pushback item is finished without this critical wellbeing highlight.

Pushplate for pushback racking

Multi-Purpose Safety Stop

Novel to 3D pushback racks, the security stop situated in the focal point of the base truck has numerous highlights. As a matter of first importance, it goes about as a path full marker – if the stop can’t be seen at the front of the path, the last truck has been stacked and there is a bed on the rails – the path is full. It additionally goes about as a wellbeing quit, keeping beds on trucks from sliding forward out of the path. Thirdly, it goes about as a strip-off stop. On the off chance that, in the wake of setting a bed on the truck the administrator has his forks in a despicable tilt position, the security stop will get the base of the bed and strip it off the forks. At last, the stop goes about as a stature check and guarantees that administrator gets that bed sufficiently high to accurately stack the truck.

Welded Shafts and Machined Steel Wheels for pushback racks

Welded Shafts and Machined Steel Wheels

The wheels utilized as a part of our pushback racks are machined from strong steel and are furnished with exactness orientation appraised at 1400 pounds each. 5/8″ width steel shafts are welded specifically to the trucks to withstand stun stacking and will never work free after some time.

Lift Out Protectors for Pushback truck

Lift Out Protectors

All pushback trucks are furnished with lift out defenders to avert unintentional dislodgement of a truck by a forklift administrator.

Tubular Rail Design

Tubular Rail

3D utilizes basic tube (HSS) for our rail plan. This tube gives a level smooth surface to the wheels to keep running on and is much more impervious to winding under load than our rivals “C” channel rails.

Ease Installation

Our pushback rack configuration takes into consideration simple establishment, with wheels preinstalled at the industrial facility and straightforward drop in rail plan that requires rack connection at the front and back pillars as it were.

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