Pricing and Quality—Must It Move in the Same Line?

Pricing and Quality—Must It Move in the Same Line?


Paperarabia is a company in the paper industry. Yes, there is a paper industry that is devoted to produce the best quality of the paper we are using, and the company is the leading one in the industry. This can be told from the sales figure of the company, the rising profits of it throughout the years as well as the positive feedbacks from the customers. In fact, you may have heard of this company if you are in Arabia of the Middle East since the reputation of the company if actually very high.

One of the reason of the success of this company are related to the price as well as the quality of the products it is producing. When we are usually talking about his two, usually you will be frowning, as you will think that they are conflicting right? Yes, when we are buying clothes or cars, we will want to have the best quality. Yet, we all know that this is impossible since quality needs money. If we are looking at the higher end of the quality spectrum, we must expect that the product will cost us quite a lot of money.

In these cases, what we will do is to make a trade off. OK, so I want quality but at the same time I do not want to pay money. I need to pay a little sum at least for the product, but what amount of additional money am I willing to pay for the additional quality? You see? This is a matter of extent and different people will have different preferences regarding this trade off process.

However, the above analysis are only confined to cars or houses or other products. When we are talking about paper, the analysis may be a little bit more difficult—Will you bother spending more for a paper with better quality? Probably not. The reason is simple. What exactly do you mean by having a higher quality paper? Paper is for writing, and I can write on it. As long as the link will not be eaten by the paper, and as long as the paper will not burn all by itself, it will be all fine.

We all regard paper as a basic daily necessity, and see no point in paying a lot more for a better quality of it right? After all, our money is limited, and we would rather invest them in the quality of our car or whatever.

But what if I tell you there are two papers for you to choose from. One is of low quality while the other is of high quality—But they are of the same price. Which one will you choose? This question is stupid, since 100% of us would choose the one with the higher quality right?

This is what Paperarabia is doing. They are providing high quality paper at the normal price, and as a result it has become the leading company in the field.

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