New Era Wedding Gowns

New Era Wedding Gowns


More women are embracing the look of modern wedding gowns. The sleek and elegant designs are appealing to women of all ages. The era of the traditional wedding gown s coming to an end. Women are tired of the bulk of traditional gown. Modern designs reflect tradition as there are certain aspect of traditional gowns that are incorporated in the design of these modern dresses. The flamboyant use of beads and embroidery of tradition gown are out the window. Women are now going for a more sleek and seductive look.

Traditional gowns are known to cover the bride and sometimes completely. Modern wedding gowns are in favor of displaying skin. Women want wedding gown that a simple and easy to wear while making them look stunning and sexy. Modern wedding gowns are easy to design and are cheaper to create. Tradition wedding gowns are a lot more expensive than modern gowns because of the difficult design and the time it takes to create. Traditional gowns use up a lot more fabric and this add the price. The design of modern wedding gown shifts the time and trends. There was an era where gown was big and flashy and now the we are in an era were most gowns are designed sleek, sexy and seductive. This change in design can be a representation of our economy but that might be reaching.

Although nontraditional todays wedding is designed looking more classical. We are living in a different time. A time were a wedding ceremony can be held in a bar or court house. In past eras women would prefer to get married in a church with a pastor in a traditional wedding gown. In era we live now if you could get married online that would be the preferred way. People are more concerned with comfort than tradition. If it is more comfortable and convenient for a woman to get married in her living room dressed in her booty shorts and tube top, that is were she will get married. There are only a few women that desire a big wedding with the works. Most women will settle for a small wedding and a big diamond on their finger.

There are wedding gowns designed that you would not be able to tell different from a ball gown. There are even gowns that look like sun dressed. The era we live in has completely change the way people look at weddings and wedding ceremonies. The way trend changes you can’t believe the trend of traditional wedding gowns are completely gone. Trend change so often and are recycled so much it is just a matter of time before we hear more and more church bells ringing. Even though we are in this era there is still a large percentage of women that will only get married in a church and in a traditional design wedding gown. This is just the way they were raised and that is just their fantasy and that’s what they are sticking with.

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