Musical Material for Everyone

Musical Material for Everyone


Hi, I have moved to Thailand for a job a few months ago and I had a blast! It is an amazing country, even better than advertized and I absolutely love to live here. People are kind and free spirited so it fits me in more than one ways.

But I am also an artist and while the ethos, the atmosphere, the people are absolutely perfect for a musician like I am, the technological or other material opportunities are not up to par like the United States of America where I was borned and raised which also naturally happened to be where I got into music at first. In Los Angeles, with various musical technology, modern equipments and every material opportunity you can think of, I was able to improve as a musician fast.

I still have the same passion and dedication to improve and achieve my dreams in music industry in Thailand. But it was initially hard for me to find the material opportunities I have talked about earlier. And in today’s music world, as artists we need those opportunities to improve. So I wanted to write this recommendation for fellow aspiring musicians who live in this beautiful country so that they can find these material opportunities quicker than I did and save themselves the time.

To be absolutely fair, it was not that hard to find basic equipments and musical tools here. Thailand is a big country and Bangkok (where I live) is a really big city. Of course they have all kind of basic musical tools for almost all instruments. But it was hard to find some other kind of musical equipment.

After I spent some time searching the streets of Bangkok, I gave up and steered my search into the Internet. It was hard because I was used to Latin alphabet and even though my Thai was improving, it was improving on a speaking level. I still was not showing much improvoment over writing or reading Thai. Because their alphabet is not Latin, so it is pretty hard to learn reading and writing in a few months as opposed to Latin languages.

Anyway, still with my friends’ help there, even though limitedly, I could finally search internet to find the necessary musical material for me.

And without much time, I found They sold all kinds of electric products that fit into my hobby. Firstly, I needed a sound meter. Measuring the level of the sound was important for my big projects and I tried to buy it from before every other order. In no week’s time, it was delivered and it was exactly the product I wanted to buy! It was just perfect.

Once I see that the delivery of the sound meter was quick and perfect, I bought all the other equipment and tools I needed and I thank you and recommend to every musician who live in Thailand. Their products and delivery are just about perfect.

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