Led Bulbs, Now is The Time!

Led Bulbs, Now is The Time!


It might seem slightly odd to suggest that now is a good time to change your household bulbs to LED bulbs but now is a good time because the days are longer and so you won’t have to fumble around in the dark to fit them. After all bulbs have the annoying habit of blowing just as you turn them on and you normally turn lights on when you need them i.e when it gets dark!

Perhaps the highest powered lights we have in our homes are the GU10 spotlights often used in kitchens and bathrooms. They are usually 50 watt bulbs which are used in multiples such as 3 or 4 per fitting. A fitting using 4 bulbs therefore runs at 200 watts. That can easily be reduced by 90% right down to 20 watts and when you consider that the average Halogen GU10 50 watt bulb cost about £7.67 a year to run and a LED equivalent will only cost 77p a year the the savings are quite substantial.

Led Bulbs

But not only do they use less power they also last much much longer. An average Halogen GU10 bulb may only have an expected lifetime of about 5000 hours where a LED GU10 will have a life of up to 50,000 hours or maybe longer. So whilst they LED bulbs do cost a little more to buy they save far more than their initial cost both by using less power and by needing replacing far less often. Win-win!

But it’s not only the GU10 types that save you money. All LED bulbs, be they Candle, classic globe or golf ball type, work in the same way to save you money and time. (less time spent replacing them remember!).

So stop thinking of LED bulbs as new technology and think of them as NOW technology and save yourself a few pounds.