Kite Club Dubai Releases a Guide to Kite Surfing for Beginners

Kite Club Dubai Releases a Guide to Kite Surfing for Beginners


The Kite Club Dubai, a dedicated Dubai-based company in teaching the sports of kite surfing with the collaboration of the Kite Club Dubai IKO certified instructors, the company recently releases guidelines to kite surfing for beginners. The company believed that once a person got an interest in kite surfing, the desire to start the sports right away is the biggest temptation. However, starting the activity without the preliminary requirements and guidelines can be very dangerous for sports like kite surfing. Added to that, the Kite Club Dubai had foretold that there are some considerations that one must think of before heading to the kite surfing:

1. Kite surfing may consume some time before one learns it, but this does not mean that kids cannot learn it.

2. If one does not follow guidelines, the kite surfing can be risky.

3. Kite surfing can be bit costly sports because there are really a special training and equipment one needs to buy to start with the sports.

In addition to that, the Kite Club Dubai confirmed that the difficult part of the training one can get is learning how to control the kite and with that, beginners need the certified instructor to help ensure the safety and wellbeing. The training course comprises of the weather conditions, the type of equipment one needs and everything you need to know in kite surfing so that one will not compromise its own safety in order to learn the thrill and excitement of the sports kite surfing.

Furthermore, the equipment that one uses in the kite surfing is the vital part of undertaking the kite surfing sport. Either one will buy or rent the equipment, getting into the kite surfing can never be exciting without some setback on your finances. Thus, knowing if one should rent or buy the equipment is another factor that aspirants should think about. For the list of items that one need for kite surfing, the Kite Club Dubai had the following helpful list before one can begin the kite surfing journey:

1. Guide For The Kite—Taking into consideration that the size of the kite can vary according to the environment condition on the spot or place you will do kite surf. It is advisable to get two different kite sizes, the big for the low breeze and the small kite for the strong breeze. However, if one is on thrift budget, the IKO certified instructor from Kite Club Dubai advised that one must choose the bigger kite if one couldn’t get two kites at the same time. The bigger kite is much safer and easier to learn. These were some precautions in buying the kite and this includes that one must make sure they are buying the whole package of the kite like the line bar, safety system, pump and carry bag and not the kite alone.

2. Guide For The Kite board–The board for kite surfing is fit for the foot straps and if one is a beginner in the kite surfing the Kite Club Dubai advised that you get a bigger board.

3. Guide For The Harness—-The harness must need to be fit to the kite surfer’s body.

4. Guide For The Vest— The vest is needed especially for beginners to shield him/her from the impact or floatation when doing the kite surfing.

5. Guide For The Suit—The IKO certified instructor of the Kite Club Dubai keep telling that the suit needs for kite surfing depends on the climate.

6. Guide For The Skin Protection—In anywhere one go especially with the abundant of the sun, it is needed that one should put a generous amount of sunscreen before they are going into the water.

7. Guide For The Storage Of Equipment—- Kite Club Dubai envisioned that if one is far from the kite surfing site, the transportation of the equipment can be a big problem. The instructors advised that if one is really serious into this sport, they must get a roof rack and this will prevent waters dipping into the car when one will transport it.

Consequently, Dubai is known to be one of the kite surfing paradises where there are flat waters and wave winds. The Kite Club Dubai is inviting the sports enthusiast to try kite surfing. To know more about training and kite surfing in general, you may visit their website at