How To Save Money On 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

How To Save Money On 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith


There are certain ideas that crop up in your mind when you consider a 24 hour emergency locksmith for getting out of a locked car, a room or an office. They have all the latest tools and gadgets that can rescue you in tough times. If you hire a professional locksmith, then you can also save your time, money and your valuables. Since you need the service of an emergency locksmith, you can be sure that they provide you with their service all throughout a day and night, in emergency situations.

How to find Out the Best Locksmith Service?

  1. Do your research in advance: Even if you think you are the smartest and won’t ever forget your keys inside, don’t be smug about it. Research your local area and find three to four good 24 hour emergency locksmiths. Keep their numbers handy in your mobile phone. Doing your research in advance cuts the last minute panic. When you have the long list of local locksmiths in advance, then you do not need to worry, as they can be contacted for any emergency situation, and they have the latest tools that can help you out.
  2. Don’t forget to bargain: Even when you are in a sticky situation, don’t forget to bargain with the 24 hour emergency locksmith. Ask him for a price estimate, and try to bring it down as much as possible. You can only do that when you know you have a couple more in your phone you can go to. The less stressed you are, the better your chances of saving up money.
  3. Don’t let the locksmith know you are in trouble: The moment you give the 24 hour emergency locksmith a whiff that you are in trouble, you are going to give him leverage to jack up his price. Remain calm when explaining your problem, and negotiating the price. If the locksmith refuses to budge, throw in casually that you might crash at a friend’s place (even if you can’t), and would call him in the morning instead for cheaper service.
  4. Throw in the bait of recommendations: Throw someone the promise of a lot of business, and he is more likely to heed to your request. When hiring a 24 hour emergency locksmith, promise him that if he gives you a good price, you will recommend him to your family, friends, and colleagues. After all, everyone gets locked out at least once in his/her lifetime.
  5. Try researching online: While asking your friends and family for good locksmith references is always a good idea, you can always try the online route. Often, you can find discounts online on locksmith services, even the emergency ones. You will be elated to find that some locksmith companies have their own franchisee which can help in case you are caught locked in a different state.

Don’t Forget a Few Caveats Though

Before you hire the cheapest 24 hour emergency locksmith though, here are a few caveats to keep in mind at all times:

  1. Smell a rat if it is too good to be true: If the price for emergency locksmith services sounds too good to be true, chuck it. Most likely, it is a scam artist that is trying to gain access to your apartment.
  2. Always ask for a receipt: Whenever you hire a locksmith, always ask him to give you the payment receipt. That ways, you have proof of work, and also the payment made, should disputes arise at a later date.

Before you allow a 24 hour emergency locksmith inside your house, check for his license. In most cities, the round-the-clock locksmiths need a license in order to operate. Moreover, it is a matter of your security and privacy so you need to watch out only for the certified locksmiths.