How to Choose a Wedding Dress

How to Choose a Wedding Dress


Buying your wedding dress can be quite an experience as wedding dress is probably the most important wedding purchase. When choosing your wedding dress, there are some things to consider.

Have an enjoyable wedding dress shopping experience

Often, most brides get discouraged the first time they go out shopping for their wedding dress. Procrastination of appointment, sample dresses that don’t fit, annoying shop attendants, and dream dresses that look antic when they are tried on are all factors that can contribute to producing a frustrating shopping trip.

Ensure you take the shopping one at a time, and have fun when doing so by including lunch and refreshments as well as boutique appointments. If peradventure you are not comfortable with the fitter at the bridal boutique, you can easily walk out and look for another boutique. A wedding dress is one you would wear once in a lifetime, so boutique should make every effort to understand what you need and make you feel valued. The boutique fitter should be experienced enough to suggest styles that will suit your body shape, even if you have a specific style in mind.

Match your dress to your wedding style

Consider the type of wedding you want have when you are choosing your dress. Which season have you chosen? Will the wedding be formal or casual party? Where will the wedding be? All these questions should be asked to match the wedding dress. Let your wedding dress be part of the wedding theme if you are having a themed wedding. You can go as far as choosing a perfect wedding dress that can influence the wedding theme.

Be aware of what flatters your body type

So many different styles and cuts of wedding dress are available that suits your body shape. The idea is to choose a dress that will bring out the best in you, not neglecting the parts you aren’t so keen on. These few points might help:

1. Dropped waist gowns will compensate for a short waist

2. V-necks are perfect for larger busted brides

3. Horizontal lines widen the body while vertical lines elongate it

4. Detail and gathered material at the bust is great for flatter chests

Never attempt to hide the parts of your body you don’t like under layers of concealing fabric as this will only draw attention to them and give a negative impression. However, ensure your dress isn’t too exposing as you don’t want to be self-conscious all day, which might have effect on your wedding photos.

Many brides are fond of buying a wedding dress that is too small with the idea of losing weight before the wedding. Undoubtedly, you might lose weight before the wedding due to the wedding stress, but it is much better to buy a gown that fits and make arrangement for fittings when the wedding is close and make necessary adjustments.

Choose your own style over high fashion

Instead of choosing a wedding gown because it is fashionable, choose one that you love and that makes you look and feel wonderful. It is better to add your own personal character to a simple dress using jewelries, shoes and other accessories, than to take a wedding outfit that you might probably regret it later.

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