How To Become An Owner Builder

How To Become An Owner Builder


Although there are a number of websites that offer online Owner builder course, you should first know the basic outlines of becoming an owner builder.

Become An Owner Builder

  • Believe in yourself: The phrase, ‘knowledge is power’ is especially true in the construction industry. It is one of the first and foremost rules of owner-building. The more you know about the aspects of the construction business, the better your new home will be. Always remember albeit tradespersons are professionals, they are not much different from you. It is just that they have a more clear idea about how things should be done. You have to have a good working relationship with all your tradesmen for ensuring that your vision comes true with their help. You might have sometimes felt like a total idiot while dealing with a tradesperson. Or you might have listened to them quietly thinking they should know the best as they are the experts. As an owner builder do not always ignore your gut feeling or instincts. If you think what a tradesman has said doesn’t quite sound right, do not shy away from questioning it. You would be surprised to realize that how often tradespersons are either mistaken or unaware about a particular way of doing things. Also sometimes, tradespersons tend to say no because they are lazy or ignorant. Female owner builders usually feel more vulnerable in the construction industry as compared to owner builders who are men. This is because of the reason that the trade industry is mainly male dominated and tradespersons are likely to dominate situations while dealing with women who are not as knowledgeable as they are. But remember that most of the times, women have a mysterious gift of knowing what looks or sounds right. Do not hush down your inner voice; you should be questioning everything that you don’t understand. Ask a lot of questions as it will not only give you more power but also help you to earn the respect of the other tradies in the same field. Don’t let anyone rush you to take a hasty decision that you might regret over it later.
  • Getting owner builder information: Try to gain as much information on construction industry as you can. The local council can prove to be a wonderful resource for all your queries. First speak to the Customer Service Desk and then you should talk with the On Duty Building Inspector at your local council. You can acquire about a lot of information from them regarding the construction and the site. Always interact with the tradespersons to get all the information you require. However, they spend quite a lot of their business time quoting, so make sure that you really need a quote when you ask for it. Read books and websites to know about the entire house construction process. You should be properly aware about everything, from legal aspects to electrical and plumbing.
  • The construction budget: Yes, it is very important to set a budget for your build. You don’t want to get disheartened after going through the entire owner process just to realize at the end that you have to sell your house due to spending too much money. It is recommended to keep in mind that almost all the time construction prices end up costing more than what you anticipated. You can do some cost calculations early or find some ways to save some cost.

Now that you know the basics of owner building, you should do an Owner builder course online.