Hiring a Caterer for your Event

Hiring a Caterer for your Event


The first thing you must do before you hire a catering company is research the company to ensure it offers the services that you are looking for. The next thing you need to do is make sure that you check their reputation. It needs to be a good one. Their history should be one that shows success and customer satisfaction. When you are satisfied with the background check of the business then you can make a call inquiring about their services. Don’t be shy to ask about discounts and deals they offer. You can tell a lot about a company from the way they treat you on the phone.

If a company is rude or gives you unwanted attitude over the phone that is a sure sign that you should not get into business with that company. If you are treated cordial and with respect that is the first sign that they might be the right company for you to conduct business with. You need to understand that caterer can’t give you the exact price to do your event until they get all the specifics and do their calculations. Asking this of any catering company is asking to get wrong information. In any case a caterer will not give you an exact price. It is more likely that they will give you an estimation. They will do this so as to not give you a wrong price that will later be changed. This might end up resulting in a bad relationship you or even unfair reviews on your part that may negatively impact their business.

Don’t be afraid to tell the caterer your budget. Keeping It a secret is not helping anybody. They need to know your budge so as to make the best calculation to fit it. You must realize that if the caterer quotes a price that you are not comfortable with you can tell them no. They will have to do some new calculations or turn down the job. If a company charges you a high price and not will to do what they can to lower it, then maybe that company was not the best one to work with. There are many things a catering company can do to lower their prices and any company who refuse you don’t need to do business with them. Their main focus is money, so they might not put all their focus in preparing your food.

You need to invite the catered to the venue you plan to use. You have to be sure to know the exact amount of people you need to cater for. if you give an estimate and less people show up for the event you will still have to pay the caterers for their time and labor and the food they purchase. You need to know the exact amount of guest you will have, and this is where you will organize the menu. You need to know you can’t change the menu and don’t expect the price to change.

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