GK Architects Receives Spotlight in the Architectural Digest Magazine

GK Architects Receives Spotlight in the Architectural Digest Magazine


The GK Architects recently recognized and got the spotlight as it was featured in the Architectural Digest Magazine, November Edition, one of the top UK Architecture Magazine that delivers the most comprehensive analysis of architectural feature designs on the vibrant monthly edition for innovative homes and inspiring ideas.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling that we are being featured in one of the most influential international magazines on interior design and architecture. It is more than our honor and pride!” The GK said to express the appreciation and delight in the recent edition of the Architectural Digest Magazine. On the story of Architectural Magazine, it recognized GK Architects as a company that exemplifies progress, sustainability and talent to achieve lasting success.

The GK Architects takes pride in providing unique solutions when it comes to architectural issues and brave to build the enterprise around it. The company offers Feasibility Studies, Financial Appraisal to maximize the value, Master Planning and Urban Design, Sustainable Design, Pre-Planning Consultancy and Planning Application. Their commitment to serving their clients in more inspirational and fulfilling goals was the company’s accelerating tool in order to make in-depth surveys and research in latest architectural designs and resource all the best possible outcome whatever the fancy of their clients may be when it comes to the design of the houses and apartments.

According to the research done by the Agricultural Digest Magazine, the company was found out to be growing exponentially when it comes to the statistics of the clients who trusted the services of the GK Architects. Added to that, the Architectural Digest Magazine attested that the GK deserves the confidence and trust of these clients because of the dedication of the talents and skills of the GK Architectures in providing innovative and elegant designs in architecture. On the independent three months survey that the Architectural Digest Magazine made among the architectural service company in London, the GK Architects garnered almost 91 percent vote of the elite groups’ trust when it comes to architectural designs and planning. Overall, the Architectural Digest perceived already as to why the GK architects got the highest vote when they are done with their in-depth research about the company.

“The talents and skills in the GK Architects are extraordinary when we talk about architectural planning, designs, and consultancy. They can customize the designs according to the budget of the clients and always open for communications in dealing with their prospective clients,” one of the comments of the past clients of GK who had interviewed by the Architectural Digest Magazine.

More Information About GK Architects

GK Architects is a dynamic Architect Led Design and Build company based in Kensington West London and Durham. The company specializes in high-end, luxury residential and commercial sectors, focusing on delivering outstanding designs, maximising the potential of existing buildings as well as new. We have experience of working nationally on complex and sensitive locations and have a thorough understanding of the planning system and construction process and majority of the company’s work is based in central London and surrounding boroughs where our single-point of responsibility and one-stop shop project delivery approach works hand in hand with our clients from concept, design, project management, construction, and completion. The company is also a RIBA Chartered Practice, which is a seal of excellence and assurance of the practice’s quality, design and services. They work in the philosophy of design for their client’s preferences and understand the need of the client’s to achieve the sense of belonging and build the design in full continuity and construction.

For more information about the services offered by GK Architects, please refer to the contacts and address below:

London Office Address:
Suite 11, Niddry Lodge
51 Holland Street, London W8 7JB
T: +44 (0) 203 280 3630
website: www.gkarchitects.co.uk