Fresh Tone Educates the Public with the Types of Contact Lenses

Fresh Tone Educates the Public with the Types of Contact Lenses


The Fresh Tone, suppliers of contact lenses wished to help the public become more aware by releasing public educations with the types of contact lenses. Since many people use a contact lens to have clearer vision without compromising the style and fashion, the Fresh Tone had tried to generate more awareness for the types of contact lenses that one can wear. To help one select the best choice for the eyes, the Fresh Tone and the Eye care specialist releases the types of contact lenses below:

1) The Soft Contact Lens
Around 90 percent of users wear this type of contact lenses. The soft contact lenses created from soft polymers plastic material and water. It also permits the oxygen to penetrate through the lens and to the cornea and because does not suffocate the eyes, more people find it comfortable to wear. The benefits that one can get in wearing soft contact lenses almost accumulate in an instant. It comes in different designs and patterns that can suit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

2) The Disposable Contact Lens
These are the types of contact lenses that can be thrown away after a day, a week, bi-week or after a month of use. The regular disposal of this contact lens prevents the build-up of the protein deposits in the eyes which can affect the health and vision of the person wearing it. Since it is designed to give convenient and low-maintenance, it is advisable to replace it to avoid eye infection.

3) The Extended Wear Contact Lens
The extended wear contact lens allows the eyes to breathe and it is safe to use up to one month. The advantage of these types of contact lenses is that one can sleep with it without getting worried that about infection or corneal ulcers but they need a regular visit to your eye care specialist.

4) The Colored Fashionable Contact Lens
These types of contact lens permit the user to change the shades or pattern of the iris. It can give the dramatic effect to the eyes and are not advised to wear every day. Since most who wear this type of contact lens use it for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended that one will get advice from the eye care specialist first before wearing it for added safety.

5) The Hard Contact Lens
This type of contact lens is almost if not already obsolete in the market because it never permits the transfer of oxygen to the cornea which results in the swelling of the eyes.

6) The Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens
This is sometimes regarded as old-fashion contact lens because of only a few and rare who wear this type of contact lens today. The lens is more comfortable, pliable and it allows oxygen to pass through the cornea like the soft contact lens does and the lens does not change shape since it is made rigid but they are durable than a soft contact lens. And since they do not have the composition of water, lipid, and protein these type of contact lens provide clearer vision.

7) The Toric Contact Lens
The toric contact lens, on the other hand, corrects astigmatism and is available in gas permeable and soft designs. Generally, it needs more time before one will get comfortable wearing these lenses and it needs the help of the doctors when it comes to its fittings.

8) The Bifocal Contact Lens
This type of contact lens allows the person who wears it to have a clear vision of near and far objects and also available in soft and permeable option designs. This is good for monovision correction and in fitting the lens it needs the help of the doctor.

This contact lens educational announcement and press release for contact lens choices are brought to you by the Fresh Tone, a supplier of fashionable cosmetics contact lenses. For more information about the contact lenses they offer, please visit their website at