Find the Best Opacity Meter for you in Thailand!

Find the Best Opacity Meter for you in Thailand!


Hi, I have recently moved to Thailand, Bangkok. I love it here and it is a great city, a great country with awesome people. But it was an initial struggle for me to find electric equipments and in Australia, where I had been living earlier, I was into and I needed all kinds of electric equipments, due to different interests that I had, requesting them. And you know, these things are easier over there in Australia, firstly the official language of the country is English! Oh, and sweet sweet Latin alphabet too. But in Thailand, even though Bangkok is an extremely developed city, it is hard to find things I need just because of the sheer difference between languages, alphabet, structural differences in city life, etc. Although I am improving my Thai!

So, I have decided to write this recommendation for people like me who are living in Thailand and / or Bangkok currently and need stuff like I do regarding electric equipment.

My biggest need was an opacity meter. So after a long search period on the streets of Bangkok, I had given up and started to try the Internet for a change, benefiting from a few of my Thai friends who helped me with finding stuff online, because obviously most of the websites were in Thai language.

And then we have found A website with the best of the best and countless electric products that can be used in various areas of daily life of specific sectors.

And if you are looking for an opacity meter, I can happily recommend you Leak Alert 73 PCME (UK). According to its properties are pretty special:

1) 316 stainless, or fully insulted PTFE coated option for conductive dust or humid flue gas application (Sensor Probe)

2) IP65 die-cast aluminium (Enclosure)

3) Stack temperature ranges 0-250°C, 0-400°C

4) Alarming: Local and via 2 x relay outputs

5) RS232/RS485 data output option for Modbus networking, PC interface

6) 1 x 4-20mA output (scalable)

7) Power: 100-240VAC or 24VDC

8) User setup: 4 digit display and internal or external keypad

9) ATEX/IECEx category 1D/2D/3D for dust zones 20, 21, 22

10) Air Filter and Regulator assembly for plant instrument air (air purge typically not required for most applications)

11) Optional Bag Pulse Display Module, for visual tracking of multi-chamber baghouse cleaning cycles

Of course it is important for you to like the properties of the product to be convinced to buy it first, but if you like those properties of this opacity meter, then I can one hundred percent tell you that has a fast delivery system, product is exactly the same as what you expect from it while looking at it online, and their product quality is just off the charts. So go look at to find the best electric products in Thailand, and maybe get help from a few of your Thai friends with the language too!

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