Factors to Consider When Cleaning Asbestos in New Residential Homes

Factors to Consider When Cleaning Asbestos in New Residential Homes


New owners are always faced with multiple challenges; cleaning of asbestos topping the list. When the house is still new, or when it is freshly renovated, a lot of dust, paint and markings are all over the place. Not to mention the dangerous asbestos. Of a higher priority is to know what type and the amount of asbestos you are dealing with so as to facilitate its removal. When moving into a new house in Sydney, consider checking if the house contains asbestos or asbestos containing materials which after sometime, releases them. Asbestos can bring health problems such as shortness of breath and lung cancer.

Asbestos can be removed by careful and methodological cleaning by cleaning companies abundantly present in Australia. However, you might want to look at factors to consider before hiring any of them to clean your residential home.

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The company should be professional in everything they do. From giving you a quote to dispatching cleaners to your home, assessing the extent of asbestos present and developing a comprehensive cleaning strategy that wipes all of it away. If the company you have contracted is not professional then you might not be sure if they are doing the right thing with regards to asbestos removal.


Since asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, care should be taken so as not to smear it anywhere else in the house. Cleaners who know nothing about hygiene may not be able to clean residential home with the standards it deserve to avoid contamination.


Look for a company that has several years experience in cleaning asbestos. A new company may not know how to quantify it or to remove it completely. An older company will be conversant with the challenges it posses and even advice you on how to check recurrence.

Customer satisfaction

Sometimes the company is new but has dealt with quite a number of clients with the same problem. Check customer reviews and get to know what they are saying in regards to the efficiency and effectiveness of that company in getting rid of asbestos. If they are 100% effective, then consider them. It is not the quantity but quality when it comes to matters regarding asbestos.

Cleaning equipment

For effective cleaning to occur, equipments use to clean contribute a lot to the quality of work done. There are manual equipments and electric ones. Of course electric ones will be more accurate and effective in cleaning asbestos as compared to manual.

Cleaning materials

Most companies contracted come with their own cleaning materials but inquire about this before you call them. The detergents and soap used must be environmental friendly also.


You should also consider the staff belonging to that company. Are they trustworthy and honest? You need to be sure about this since you will leave them to clean your residence and you do not want to lose anything. They should be polite and courteous also for the sake of children around. The employees must be fully trained on how to clean and to operate the cleaning equipments. There should be no accidents.

The company

Get t know nitty gritty features of that company. Do they have insurance plans for their services in case something happens? Are they reliable and fast when responding to your need of cleaning services? Are they able equipment and human resource wise to carry out asbestos removal? Lastly, are they affordable or they will charge an extra fee on weekend.

All the above factors should be in your fingertips for effective residential cleaning especially asbestos removal.