Door No.1: For Professional Touch to your Events

Door No.1: For Professional Touch to your Events


Events are the way various things are getting popularized and celebrated across the world today. When it comes to events, there are various aspects to it and a planned approach to managing the events is the backbone of a satisfying and impactful event execution. This is why whatever might be the event you are planning to host, the services of an efficient event manager or a managing company can prove to be of crucial importance. Hence, the support from experts like Door No.1 is quintessential with the effective services of event management.

Regardless of the scale, celebrations and commemorations have come on to whole personalized level. A theme customized event asks for everything, from the sight to the attire, the decorations, food and drinks and the entire ambience as per the client’s needs. This is what asks for the expert service of an experienced event planning company, which understands the theme well, and does complete justice to it.

Door No.1 is a UAE based independent event management and planning company, with its expansive service coverage to the clients with events of all nature, executed to perfection. Started from the scratch, they now are a team of passionate event planners, who do not just have experience under the belt, but also an innate desire to do the best for their clients.

The team here at Door No.1 likes to understand the idea from the clients, understand their requirement and blending it all in their working. An event plan is then crafted with full attention paid to the specific needs of our clients, within the set constraints. This has enabled them to have worked within specific budget confinements, and churn out memorable events and gala nights, which have remained a talk of the town for a long time.

The enriched experience of the event planners on the team has helped them take on challenging assignments of all natures and scales. This is why Door No.1 has been able to successfully plan and execute small scale DJ parties and receptions, to full scale weddings, fashion shows and even product launches. A distinguishing feature which let them stand apart from the crowd in event management is the design and décor in their events, including furniture, hangings, floral decoration etc. and in order to bring them alive, everythingis done in accordance with the theme. Being in the service for years has let them establish some contacts in the market which, in turn, has helped them with their scalability in terms of the size of the events.

So no matter whether it’s just a private business conference, a rich exhibition, fashion show or some product launch, just let Door No. 1 know your requirements and get the event launched accordingly. To get a quote, visit