Different Type of Verification Provided by Verify 360

Different Type of Verification Provided by Verify 360


Verify 360 is one of the leading business verification businesses in the world that aims at providing sense of security to different companies, and thus help them manage and reduce business risks by the various services provided by them.

One of the service provided by them is criminal record verifications. It is a common practice that businesses tend to avoid employing candidates with a criminal background. While this can be understood, it leads to those who have a criminal conviction concealing their backgrounds. According the Verify 360, the background checks provided by them deliver valuable insights to the company, leading to more informed and smarter decisions for the business.

According to statistics, an average of 551 employees every year were victims of work related to homicide, therefore Verify 360 argues that there is a substantial ned for background checks relating to criminal records.

Education verification is another main category of services provided by Verify 360. According to them, educational background are always one of the most important factor or even a pre-requisite that one will look into when considering whether or not a candidate is suitable for a job. For example, many businesses require a master’s degree in business administration for any candidates to be given a position in the top management.

This led to several problems of candidates. For example, some will send inaccurate resumes. These include including the university that he has attended but never graduated from as a completed educational background, or they will also change the dates of the courses attended so that they will suit the job positions. Whether or not the University they are from is accredited is also another question that employers will want to know.

The risks of this is that if the company hired someone with inaccurate educational background, this may lead to discrepancies in the expected qualifications and reality. The company may also suffer loses due to this. Therefore, Verify 360 can help the company to reduce this type of risk by their database and experts.

While all the above services are only for employers, Verify 360 also provided service on their website for employees or personals seeking for jobs. They stated that a well defined personal resume can be the key factor to contribute to the success of gaining an interview. Verify 360 can help provide guide of the ways to build a good CV for free.

Job seekers can register and login their account anytime and at any places, and then they will be able to edit or make changes in the CV and manage them to post immediately, or share with prospective employers. The format as well as design of the personal resume can also be changed.

Verify 360 therefore has been providing services to both employers and potential employees since its establishment. It has been gaining high standing in the industry, and is regarded as one of the most successful businesses in the industry. Interested parties can obtain more information about them on their www.verify360.com