Designing your Own Ring Process with Fergus James

Designing your Own Ring Process with Fergus James


Designing your ring is the best way to get a more personalised ring, ensuring that you get the perfect ring for you and within your price range. It couldn’t be simpler. It involves only a few steps, which your jeweller can guide you through. Taste in jewellery varies vastly from person to person, which makes the possibility of a custom-made ring designed by you, for you so enticing. Even when buying your diamond engagement ring online!

Selecting the ring design

The first part of selecting the ring design is deciding the shape you want your diamond to be cut, this is a key part of the process as this is the dominant feature of your ring. From round to heart shape, the choice is all yours!

Secondly, you need to think about what design and setting you would like for the ring. There are many different varieties of rings out there such as halo, double halo, solitaire, trilogy and tension setting to name a few. We recommend looking online to get the ideas flowing. Your jeweller will help by selecting styles of your specification for you to choose from or take parts you like from different rings to create your dream ring and of course within your budget!

There are many variations out there for you to get inspiration from and you can even design your own! You can design your own completely unique design with a sketch or we have an artist who can sketch a design with your requirements including patterns within the band or any intricate detail to make your ring unique. We have had many customers that have created their own unusual custom made rings. Engravings can also be made at your request to add something personal to your ring.

Lastly, the design of the rings band is of the utmost importance, from colour to design. Some options available are diamond pave band, a micro band or a simple plain band to show off the amazing diamond!

Selecting the GIA certified diamond

A very important part of the process, selecting that dazzling diamond! Selecting your diamond is the first part of the process and involves using the 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight). This really depends on what you are looking for and your price range. The gemmologist will guide you through this process, explaining the different varieties and ranges available to you in coherence to the 4C’s. This ultimately involves the quality level of your diamond with its grading. Fergus James assures all diamonds are GIA certified therefore they provide diamonds that are visually incredible quality, which may cause a sigh of relief, as you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability! Not all of us want a massive diamond, with some preferring the more subtle and elegant, so as always, size matters. Furthermore, whether you want to adorn your ring with a coloured diamond to make your ring stand out gives you more food for thought.

Selecting the metal

Picking the metal you would like comes down to what colour you prefer and also price. Your jeweller can assist you with what might look good with your chosen ring design and the options available such as platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold which is becoming a popular choice and a lovely alternative to the usual white gold or gold bands. All gold bands are 18 carat and the platinum bands tend to be 20% more expensive than the gold, so there’s something for you to consider.

What element of your specification is most important to you?

Throughout the process if you are clear on what element of your specification is of most importance your jeweller will do their best to deliver it at all costs and can suggest relevant options for you and make sure you are getting the best of what you want at your price range. With knowledgeable gemmologists, they know what works best together, and proportions are very important, such as how the band matches up with the ring’s width. Armed with this knowledge as well as knowing what’s important to you they can provide you with the best-designed and stunning ring possible.

After carefully making the decisions on your ring design and desired diamond, they are then assembled together, creating your beautiful personal ring!

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