China’s Economy

China’s Economy


If you are looking to start a small business in China, there are a few that my pique your interest. First off you could choose to provide Education. There are many opportunities for educators although the Universities in China control the U.S. education in the country. Vocational, management and language schools are some of the opportunities foreign educators have in the country. You might need to partner up with a Chinese national as you will require licensing by the Ministry of Education to educate Chinese national.

The second business that you may consider is that of a wine maker. Wine makers of Washington and Oregon are already making head way in the Chinese wine industry. There are openings for foreign wineries in this industry. You need to keep aware of the local palates and the local price points of the industry. You could just opt to import processed food instead. There is still a very large market with many openings in this industry that a small business could thrive on. The need for convenience in the food they eat and the desire to fulfill a 21st century type lifestyle have driven many Chinese to their cities. This along with their need for more professional jobs has created his need in the industry for businesses of this nature to not only survive but also thrive exceptionally well.

As one of the world’s leading construction industries, China is a major player in the solar industry as well that still have meet a very rigid standard in its environment. There are plans in place to construct long lasting eco-friendly structures and this has created a need for renewable energy manufacturers and products from green buildings. There is a very lucrative market in China for foreign high-tech medical devices providers. The ageing population of the nation coupled with the reform in health care has created and ensure this niche in the industry. Western provider may face challenges as it related to registration of product, the pricing and also the intellectual property registration. The U.S. Commercial Service is the perfect source for information on contacts and other vital information. Already the largest and still growing, China has one of the largest travel markets in Asia. The nation’s government has expanded their holiday season in an attempt to create more travel opportunities. The UNWTO states that over a million Chinese visitors to visit destinations all over the world by the year 2020. This nation has a fast-growing economy and may need some management help. Consulting firms were not a part of the nation’s former economy but have now established multinationals in the market in the form of investment, legal and human resource. The civil aviation of China as significantly grown over the years and has been predicted to purchase over four thousand new planes by the 2020 year. The nation is purchasing quality parts and industry reaching standard assemblies from suppliers not locally based. Chocolate is a big and expanding business in China.

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