Buy2Taobao Commence Sale of Recreational Sports Multifunctional Bag

Buy2Taobao Commence Sale of Recreational Sports Multifunctional Bag


The recreational sports multifunctional bag, a product now being sold on the Buy2Taobao online website, is a very effective product that makes it easier for runners or any other type of sportsman/woman to carry out their sporting activity while carrying some things they need with relative comfort. The bag is small, making it portable but it is large enough to contain numerous things including a close mobile phone carrier which contains a jack opening through which head/earphones can be connected directly to the phone meaning the runner (for example) can easily listen to his or her music while running. The portability of this bag is ensured completely as it is an adjustable strap bag, meaning it can be easily strapped around the waist and its adjustability means it can be tightened well enough till stability is ensured, improving the comfort of the runner wearing it and preventing any interruptions.

This product is available for RM5.67 (¥8.9), a massive bargain considering the fact that the initial price was RM67.52 (¥106.00). This big reduction is beneficial for customers as it means the products is more affordable to anyone regardless of his/her financial status. This is also an advantage for the sellers because despite the cut in price, more customers being able to buy it would mean more incoming revenue in comparison to when it was being sold at the higher price. In addition to the reduced price, there is an offer in place which states that if 5 of the products are bought, the buyer will receive 2 more for free. This is an offer that will be very enticing to buyers and a lot of them will opt to accept this offer, again promoting consumer satisfaction while also increasing revenue. There is free delivery of the product available to local buyers, making it even easier for buyers to obtain this product.

Overall, the bag is a top quality portable product sold at an affordable price and can be easily bought and delivered to any buyer online.



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