Aston Legal is Dedicated to Provide Excellent Legal Services

Aston Legal is Dedicated to Provide Excellent Legal Services


Hugo Aston is a law firm led by Hugo Aston, who is admitted s a solicitor as well as a barrister of the Supreme Court in the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. Hugo is also a notary and registered immigration agent, making him a more experienced person in these areas.

The law firm specializes in a lot of areas of law, including criminal law and driving offences, family law and AVOs, as well as children matters in the area of family law. Apart from variety, the law firm also focuses on quality, and it is their dedication to provide the best advice and representation possible. According to them, they will provide services that are personalized, cost effective, loyal as well as professional.

The ultimate aim is to make sure that the services provided by the company is something the clients can trust.

One of the features offered by the law firm is a free first consultation. A lot of citizens in Australia, as observed by the law firm, are afraid or hesitant to obtain legal advice because in their minds, the issues are only minimal but the costs are quite high. As Aston Legal is committed to protect the rights of their clients, therefore they offer a free first consultation services. They also guarantee that all matters will be handled by mature and experienced lawyers who are capable of providing a full representation in all of the courts in the New South Wales and the British Commonwealth Courts.

The main area of practice of Aston Legal are family law matters, which is one of the most important law of practice nowadays. For example, matters such as property settlement, marriage and divorce, child abduction (both international and within Australia), child support and domestic violence and more are all within the boundaries of family law. According to the law firm, family law matters required particular care as well as the highest of ethical standards since the relationships between the loved ones can be very complicated. The law firm understand the situation of their clients here and they will provide them with full representation.

Criminal matters are another area of practices of the law firm, and they recognize that it is not something unimportant, as a verdict may actually means a lot of years in jail. The team in the law firm is specialized in criminal cases and they understand the importance of the outcome. The services by the company include, but not limit to advice if arrest or in police custody, committal hearing, coroner’s inquests, parole Board hearings as well as local court mentioned, hearings and sentences. The company view a high level of effective communication with the clients is required for a nice cooperation, and therefore they required the solicitor’s engagement in an open flow of conversation.

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