Aston Legal Firms Making Donations to Embrace Community

Aston Legal Firms Making Donations to Embrace Community


Team Of Lawyers From Aston Legal Firms Join Hands To Give $5,000 To Fund The Three Computers And The Education Of Two Girls In Embrace Community

Sydney, Australia, October 05, 2017: The Aston Legal Team of lawyers headed by Hugo Aston will be donating to Embrace Community a sum of $5,000 to finance the three computers and the education of two girls from Embrace Community. The staff of the firm affirm about this matters and have said that they have chosen the Embrace Community, a community that is created and serves as a safe place for young female victims of domestic violence to give them a chance for a better life. The Aston Legal firm believes that the said three computers they are donating will be a great help to assist the two girls from Embrace Community to further their education.

The Embrace Community serves minor girls mostly ranges from 7 years old to 17 years old. The organization is dedicated to providing a safe home for these children and young teens when they survive domestic violence and had no family left. Embrace Community also provides life-skill training, education and personal growth for the 500 minors that have found shelter in Embrace Community. Headed by Grace Lee, the senior director of Embrace Community works with girls in helping them to achieve their educational goals and provides therapeutic recovery since all minors that stay in Embrace Community needed debriefing for their traumatic early experience.

Majority of the young females with whom Embrace Community caters should be in grade 10 but unfortunately, they take the test for grade 5 level to continue their studies. Each victim and survivor has intense need to obtain an education in order to become an asset member of the society. To this view, the staff and faculty of the Embrace Community work with each girl to create a plan in order to meet the desired education for them. Their ardent desire to have a better life through attaining a college degree had reached to the Aston Legal firm. In response, the team of lawyers of Aston Legal didn’t close their doors to any chance they can do to help the Embrace Community and funded three computers and the education of two girls from Embrace Community up until they finish College.

Right now, the biggest challenge that the organization is facing is their lack of computers. The Embrace Community uses the online curriculum resources as a supplement materials for the education of these minor girls in their care. The online resources are a great help in contributing education to the Embrace girls and helps in retention process. The financial assistance that Aston Legal Firm makes for Embrace Community shall be of great advantage to the education of the two girls although Aston Legal Firm wished to help all the 500 minors girls in the Embrace, it is still a good start that now the two girls from Embrace Community were able to get secured financial support from Aston Legal Firm.

About Embrace Community:

Embrace Community is a haven and a safe house of minor females that had been rescued from domestic violence headed by Grace Lee and serving the society for decades now.

About Aston Legal:

Aston Legal is firm with teams of lawyers specialized in Criminal, Child and Child Parenting, Driving, AVO, Property Settlement and Family. Aston Legal firm is serving Sydney, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, and all Sydney suburbs.

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