Aston Legal Family Court Lawyer Preferred Sole Parenting

Aston Legal Family Court Lawyer Preferred Sole Parenting


The Aston Legal Family Lawyers is going on to run under the belief about sole custody of the children after the proceedings of divorce is conforming in the society more than parenting that is shared between two parents. Shared parenting is a traditional arrangement in which both parents of the child equally give time and effort in raising the child after the divorce. The Aston Legal stands in favor of sole parenting deter the equality of both parents and can be controversial in place of permanent disagreement after the dissolution of marriage.

As the separation already contributed great distress to both couples, putting add-on stress on the children of divorced parents should be avoided. With this purpose, it is suggestive to commit to shared parenting for the children after the divorce paper is released as this would perceive lessening the level of stress it may incur to the children.

Furthermore, Aston Legal lawyer in voicing out their comments on shared parenting that sole parenting is also for the welfare of the children since shared parenting implies that both of the ex-couples must put the same effort in the decision making that pertains for the appropriateness for the children thus means it is good as joint legal custody is needed. This is much hassle and difficult to implement since it mandated both the parents of the children to be cooperative and get themselves to be civil for the good of their children. The Aston Legal Family lawyers the said arrangement is not convenient too since it will put the children in between the conflict of the ex-couples.

With regard to the Aston Legal Family Court stand on sole parenting, the Aston Legal lawyers will not try to persuade both the ex-couples to conform to the sole parenting if they prefer to have a shared parenting or joint custody on their children.

“Both parents are free to decide whether they are going to fight for a shared parenting or sole parenting over their children. Ours is only based on how we perceived things that may be good for their children.,” Aston Legal Family lawyers said.

“I am more in favor in sole parenting since my ex-partner doesn’t want to feel obligated to our children for whatever support he may give. It would just be upsetting more if I will insist that he support the kids when he doesn’t want to give it or if it is not what he wants. His effort in raising my children may be abandon if it is sole parenting since I got all the responsibility and decision when it comes to what is good for my kids. After all, it is no good to ask when the person doesn’t even care about my children,” says Anne who got a divorce to an alcoholic husband. The decision to dissolve their marriage got a solid ground because of the presence of domestic violence in the family which is done by the father of the kids.

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