Alternatives to Conventional Dentistry

Alternatives to Conventional Dentistry


All dentist implements some of the same practices. The major difference with traditional dentists in comparison to holistic dentists is the natural practice and overall treatment of the entire body incorporated by the holistic dentists. These dentists believe that the overall health of a person is reflected in their dental health. The practice focuses on educating and preventing problems as well as on the nutritional needs of the body. The technique used by these holistic doctors can be adopted for home use to care for your teeth yourself. These practices will almost surely require the use of a toothbrush made from the twigs of a healing plant such as juniper, oak or the fir. The oils of these plants will stimulate blood circulation and, in the process, tighten the gums while providing vitamin C that also keeps the condition of the gums immaculate. Unless prescribe by your doctor, a conventional toothbrush is recommended to be used until told different by your holistic dentist to avoid ingestion of toxins that may be especial harmful to you. Holistic dentist tends to refrain from the use of possibly dangerous substances in favor for use of more natural ingredients, techniques and remedies. Extensive research on the way you live your day to day life, lifestyle, habits and even your diet will be done by a holistic dentist in his attempts to ensure the best treatments and prevention for individual patients. The use of extra fluoride won’t be recommended by a holistic dentist. It is most likely that the recommendation will be more focused on avoiding the sugar to prevent the issues. There are many old school remedies that you can use in conjunction to compliment the treatments prescribed by your dentist. These remedies should not be used as a replacement for the treatments prescribed by your dentist but in conjunction with the prescribe formulas.

Some of the old school remedies include using baking soda and salt, with a Water Pik and the use of malic acid that is found in strawberries. To use the baking soda remedy, you will have to make a paste from the baking soda with a pinch of salt and apply to your teeth. You use this remedy in a similar manner to how you use toothpaste. The Water Pik is a device that uses water pressure to clean your teeth and this is a very effective device. It forces water through the teeth and cleans them. As stated before, malic acid is found in strawberries. To use this remedy, you crush a ripe strawberry and mix it with a half teaspoon and leave it on your teeth for approximately five minutes. This remedy will cause serious damage to your teeth if it is over used. The malic acid will damage your teeth if over used and is recommended that the practice only be used once a week. This remedy helps to whitening the teeth as well, so you get a two for one service.

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