Alternative Dental Care

Alternative Dental Care


The holistic dental practice focuses on the entire body and not just the problems of the mouth. These dentists consider the entire body that will include the mind, the body, the spirit and the daily lifestyle of each person. They develop treatments that will enhance the overall wellbeing of their patients as well as their overall health. Holistic dentistry is all about treating dental problems by going to the root of the problem, such as lifestyle and the immune system. They provide treatment that minimizes the use of harmful x-rays by incorporating alternative diagnostic methods and the use of lower emissions equipment. Mercury is a very dangerous substance and it is used in amalgam filling for teeth. This is a substance that holistic dentists have boycotted for the use of the safer and non-toxic alternative resins. They will even encourage the removal of any amalgam from their patients and detoxify any remaining deposition of mercury found in the patient’s mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry is perfect for some people. A warm and inviting smile depicts the state of your dental health and overall health. Cosmetic dentistry is the only way for many people to keep their great smile which depending on their lifestyle, may be an investment for them. Dentistry however is has taken on a new form as it is not just about the beauty and health of your mouth, but it is also about the overall health of the body. Research have proven that badly align or crooked teeth will create a problem with digestion. It has also been proven that periodontal diseases are directly related to cardiac complications. Various other maladies are connected directly to other dental issues as well.

Fluoride is a dangerous substance as well and it is used in the making of many toothpaste and it was also introducing to drinking water. Recent studies have proven that this practice may cause more damage to the human body than good. In fact, the use of the substance yield very little health benefits. Several studies have proven that the substance mercury is a very dangerous substance and it is used in amalgam or silver teeth filling. The use of this product will cause health risks and especially to persons that are sensitive to chemicals. The kidney and even some neurological functions will be affected with the exposure to low levels of mercury. Mercury causes the degeneration at a cellular level similar to that found in Alzheimer’s disease. It is for this reason amalgam is not used by holistic dentist. If you have silver filling and wish to have them removed and replace it, it is wise to seek the skills of a dentist that can assess the compatibility of the alternatives. The holistic practice has become more common and you should be aware of the options that are available to you. These dentist work in conjunction with each other to make the practice more effective while delivering a variety of treatment to suite each of their patient’s specific dental need and requirement.

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