8 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

8 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area


Your pool area is a special spot in your home. To enhance it, consider installing a pergola, outdoor awning, outdoor kitchen or BBQ or even a pool house! Redoing your paving, lighting and fencing can also give your pool area that much needed the breath of fresh air. Install a Pergola One of the best ways you can enhance your pool area is to install a pergola next to your pool.

8 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

A paved area might be great, but can be hot and unusable in the summer months. Pergolas can create an excellent, outdoor living space and can provide you with areas to entertain, watch the kids or eat lunch or dinner. It will also help to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. If you can’t afford a pergola, a setting with a shaded umbrella could work too.

Consider Paving If you have paving around the edge of your pool, you can upgrade your pool area by simply redoing the paving or tiles. You can opt for similar paving or tiles that will have a newer finish or choose a new color altogether.

Concrete and timber are also suitable decking options. Be creative! Pool Awning pool awning or a stand-alone sail can also be ideal for creating a shaded area that people can swim or relax under while in the water.

This can be especially useful if you’ve got kids and you want them to have fun playing in the pool without exposing them to the sun for long periods of time. If your pool is adjacent to your house, you might also consider installing a retractable sunroof or awning that can extend from the external wall of your home.LandscapingLandscaping can work wonders for your pool area and can include things like gardens, plants and trees, rocks and garden features.

Trees are great as they create shade and also help with privacy. You can also consider installing a water feature or waterfall that flows into your pool – not only will it look beautiful, but the soothing sound of the water will enhance your pool area and also block out any noise, like loud neighbors or annoying traffic.

If you have the space, you could also consider having a lawn next to your pool.BBQs and Outdoor Kitchens Adding a BBQ or an outdoor kitchen next to your pool can transform your pool area into an entertaining space. Consider including a long bench for preparing food and also an outdoor sink so that you don’t have to rush inside all the time.

If you like to entertain a lot, an outdoor heater or fireplace can mean you can still do so in winter. You can also include storage space as part of your BBQ or kitchen, giving you somewhere to keep your BBQ supplies and also your pool supplies.

Outdoor BBQs and kitchens are also a great way to spend time with friends, while still keeping an eye on the kids.LightingLighting is crucial in your pool area, both for safety reasons and for highlighting the beauty of your pool at night.

If your pool area has minimal or poor lighting, consider replacing these with bright lights and pointing lights at the water, trees or your water features.Fibre optic lighting is becoming a popular choice and can mean you can select different lighting patterns and colors for your area. Solar lighting is also a safe, green option and can save you money on electricity costs.FencingWhile strict regulations apply to the height of pool fencing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative when it comes to choosing or redoing your fence.

If you’re tired of your fence, consider giving it a paint job or replacing it completely. Metal fences can be replaced by decorative ironwork fences, for instance. Many modern homes now make use of clear glass fencing that offers a full view of the pool and also minimizes the impact the fence makes on the appearance of your pool area.

Pool House If you’ve got the space to build it, a pool house can also be a great way of enhancing your pool area. Pool houses generally include a bathroom and shower for the pool users and also include space for towels, pool floats and other equipment.

If your pool house is big enough, it can even serve as a second entertaining space or a place for the kids to play or hang out. When it comes to enhancing your pool area, the possibilities are endless! I am Shiraz Ali Internet Marketing & SEO Experts. I am the founder and editor of labor, a blog to find and submit free guest post and get free Do-Follow backlinks for your site.