5 fantastic multi-purpose furniture ideas

5 fantastic multi-purpose furniture ideas


Today furniture designers are making it much easier for people to comfortably live in smaller apartments by creating highly functional, multi-purpose furniture. This type of furniture typically frees up space and enables homeowners to purchase less furniture whilst still achieving the same level of functionality. In this article, we will talk you through five fantastic multi-purpose furniture ideas for your home. Some of these designs are a little weird and wacky so it is best to keep an open mind!

fantastic multi-purpose furniture ideas

The chair that is also a radiator If you are looking for a convenient and space-saving way to heat your house, then why not purchase a chair / radiator? This fantastic invention is perfect for contemporary homes. It has a zigzag shape, providing support, but also heats up to a comfortable temperature so you can keep warm and cozy during the cold winter months. We reckon you would probably benefit from purchasing a few cushions though as we are not quite sure how comfortable it would be to sit on otherwise! Not enough room for a pool table in your house? Purchase a dining table that also doubles up as a pool table!

Two in one dining table / pool table if your other half really doesn’t want you to have a pool table in your house, then why not convince them with a multi-purpose dining / pool table? This awesome piece of multi-purpose furniture looks like your average family dining table, until you slide away the top to reveal a fully functional pool table, perfect for games night! Once you have had your dinner you can simply slide off the top and have a family game of pool.

A bookcase that is also a jungle gym for cats if you live in an apartment with a house cat, then a cat jungle gym / bookcase will make the perfect addition to your home. Not only will it provide a place where you can house all of your books and DVDs, but it will also double up as something for your cat to play and sit on! We love it! If however you are looking for a standard wooden bookcase for your home, we recommend visiting http://furnishinghomes.co.uk/.Your feline friend is sure to love their own jungle gym! It’ll certainly prevent them from wrecking your carpets and furniture!

Flip-base armchair / stove an armchair that doubles up as a kitchenette is certainly a wacky idea, but it is a fantastic invention for those living in studio apartments. Basically, it looks like your average armchair until you flip the base over to reveal a stove with two electric burners. The stove is fully functional, enabling you to cook everything from beans to pasta and stew. Once you have finished making your dinner, simply give the hob a wipe, flip the base back over and you will have a comfortable place to sit whilst you enjoy your meal!

Coffee table / wine rack one of the cleverest multipurpose furniture ideas we have come across is the table / wine rack. Basically, this circular oak coffee table has slots around the sides so you can place your favorite wine bottles inside. It then has a glass top so you can see the bottles inside, creating a cool and quirky display.

It is the perfect piece for wine lovers and is sure to impress your friends!ConclusionWhether you are looking to furnish a small apartment or simply increase the functionality of your home, these five multi-purpose pieces will make fantastic new additions. Not only will they help to save space and increase functionality, but their quirky designs will also add a unique touch to your home. There are not going to be many homes that have a cat jungle gym that is also a bookcase, or an armchair that turns into a stove, after all! Image credits: cases sums & Mow