4 Weight Loss Myths Busted

4 Weight Loss Myths Busted


According to the search ratings, majority of Americans are searching for safe ways to lose weight. In fact, people are struggling to lose weight in every corner of the world and irrespective of the country or caste; they want to find genuine ways to get rid of extra body weight. This makes health niche as one of the most profitable niches and people around the world are putting more and more information on the Internet. The vast amount of information on the internet is responsible for the confusion among public because they are unable to differentiate between the myths and the facts. There are certain supplements which doctors cannot legally prescribe it. Here are a couple of weight loss myths, which you are supposed to know before starting a weight loss program.

4 Weight Loss Myths Busted

Weight loss is a linear process

If you can recall you might have read that how people started their weight loss journey with exercise and diet schedule. You will come to know that weight loss journey is not linear. If you follow this program, you may find yourself losing a couple of pounds in the beginning, but then you may gain some. Experts opine that this is due to the presence of water weight and food in the body along with other reasons. People start weight loss process with a firm determination to achieve their goal, but after a couple of weeks when they could not achieve it, they leave it.

Starving is the best way to lose weight

Many people believe that by skipping your meals, you will cut down the calorie intake and this will result in decreasing body weight. You are right that this will decrease your body weight, but there are several studies, which have shown that a starvation will end up in weight gain. When you starve, your body comes into starvation mode in order to protect its fat reserves. When you arestarving, you will have craving to eat more carbohydrates and high fat foods. You will end up in consuming more calories, which you do not need. If you want to control your calories, then control your portion size. Doctors cannot legally prescribe it, you need to ask your physician for a better alternative.

Spicy foods will burn more calories

You will find a debate going on around this topic in many health forums online. Food items have nutrients and these different nutrients have numerous benefits. Health research has proved that all calories are same, what matters is from where they are coming from. There are certain food items to enhance your metabolism.

The best way to lose weight is by increasing muscle mass in your body. When you have good muscles, it will increase the calorie demand in your body and your body will burn deposited fat for fuel.

Weight loss diets always give good results

There are many diets in the market and it is difficult for a beginner to understand. According to studies, these diets will help you to reduce your water weight and when you will stop taking them, you will start regaining your lost weight. It is found that 85% of the people, who have used weight loss diets, gained the lost weight within a year of losing it.