3 Of the Best Tips for Quick Cleaning!

3 Of the Best Tips for Quick Cleaning!


It would be so ideal to just walk into your home from work, toss the keys on the kitchen table, and plop down in front of the TV or some other DIY project while your house remains completely spotless all on its own! The sad truth is that this is only the stuff that movies are made of…and they’ve been filmed on sets, not it in real homes like hours.

It’s a solid given that a real functioning home will become messy, but there are several little secrets to keeping it clean that I’m going to share with you over here.If you’ve ever seen paid house cleaning services at work, then you know what I mean when I say: these guys know how to clean right and clean fast. So I’ve taken a few secrets from them, and trust me, cleaning actually doesn’t have to take hours out of your day or the entire weekend if it’s done right! Speed up your chores by following these easy steps:


 1) Keep cleaning supplies in a handy tray in a designated cupboard at all times. Depending on the size of your home, it might work well for you to have a set of cleaning items in each room. That way you don’t have to spend time running downstairs just to retrieve them from under the sink. Keep a tray of sanitizing wipes paper towels, a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner, an air freshener can, cleaning scrubbers, brushes and sponges in each bathroom. Follow the same principle and keep cleaning items in the other areas of your home where they will be needed.

2) Make a constant effort to keep the houses tidy as you go. You will find that your cleaning day chores are cut in half if you make a conscious effort to keep up with small daily chores like putting away clothes in the laundry basket when you’re done with them, returning shoes to the right shelves, wiping the countertop of the bathroom sink after washing your face, and wiping and polishing the table after meals. Taking immediate action leads to the cleanest homes.

Starting with the smallest things like making your bed in the morning will actually make you feel so much more organized about your life and home. Try it for a week and see if it doesn’t boost your confidence and make a difference in how you see yourself.

3) Don’t save all the house cleaning for one day; designate cleaning chores to days of the week. Make a 15-minute cleaning plan for each day. For example, you could do the bathroom cleaning on Monday, the kitchen on Tuesday, the living room on Wednesday, the dining room on Thursday, and your room as well as the laundry on Friday. This 15-minute clean-up plan doesn’t have to mean that you have to try to clean the entire area from top to bottom in just 15 minutes.

Instead, focus on the dusting, wiping off the mirrors, and arranging any cluttered corners. If you do this, then your actual “cleaning day” will only take up an hour or two—and who doesn’t want that! I am Interior designing since 5 years and like to share articles related to home/property management and related to them.